The Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center is a center dedicated to problems with the blood. Whether the problem is that someone bleeds too much when they cut themselves or if they develop blood clots, we are here for them. Our warm, friendly and gentle manner will soothe even the most worried patients.

Problems with one’s blood can be very scary things. Blood is a liquid that can become a solid when it clots. It has many different parts to it and can be very confusing and yes, scary. This is where the Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center comes in. We bring you years of experience and knowledge. We bring you compassion and sincere care.

It is understandable to be concerned when an issue with one’s blood occurs, but that goodness that the Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center is here for you.

Our team consists of Board Certified physicians with years of experience as well as Nurse Practitioner, Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician as well as a Social Worker. Sometimes, just having a social worker who can help us to know what programs are available to help may be the key to helping to calm our fears.

Therefore, if any blood related issue arises in your life or the life of a loved one, please know that the Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center, with its excellent personnel and years of experience, is here for you. We have offices in many locations in Illinois to serve you.