We are Central and Southern Illinois'
Blood Care leader

If your doctor tells you that there are concerns with your blood, please ask him/her to send you the Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center. We are specialists in all things related to the blood.


We care. If there is a problem with your blood, we care. We are there for you from the moment the problem is discovered onward.


Our providers have years of experience and extensive knowledge of problems with the blood as well as problems with the immune system.


We can get you in within a day or two of your call. Please call us at 217-546-7100

A solid team devoted to blood related problems

The blood can sometimes be confusing. It is a liquid with many ingredients. Some ingredients help your blood to clot. Others help your blood to bleed more easily. We at Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center have an outstanding team ready to help you with all concerns relating to the blood.

Experienced physician

Our doctor has years of experience with blood related problems and has been recognized as both a Teacher of the Year by his medical students as well as Physician of the Year by a national bleeding disorders organization.

Nurse Practitioner

In consultation with our physician, our Nurse Practitioner is solidly prepared to diagnose, treat and care for all of your bleeding problems. In addition, she is kind, wonderfully compassionate and always available to assist both in person as well as on the telephone.


Our pharmacist is highly knowledgeable in all of the medications needed by patients with blood related problems. She is wonderfully compassionate and always available to assist both in person as well as on the telephone.

Social Worker

Sometimes patients with blood disorders are young. At these early ages social issues such as school and home environment may affect the care and success of treatment of the blood related issue. Our social worker is here to help both the young and the older person with compassionate, caring advice and suggestions for a better environment for the patient.


Our affiliated dentist is ready to provide guidance, information, examinations and care of the oral cavity of our patients with blood and bleeding related disorders.

Physical Therapist

Our affiliated Physical Therapist is available to help patients with blood related issues as needed. Many times patients with bleeding disorder bleed into their joints. This results in joint pain and joint limitations. Our Physical therapist recommends exercises and other measures to improve and maintain mobility.
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We can help you

We can see you within a day or two.

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Areas of Focus

Bleeding Disorders

Bleeding Pro

Bleeding problems can be very scary for the person who has them. These disorders require a deep understanding of the problem as well as an understanding of how the problem affects the problem medically, socially as well as emotionally.

Platelet Disorders


Platelet disorders are often a concern. Platelets levels can be either too low or too high. Sometimes platelet are neither low nor high; they just do not work as they are supposed to work. All of these concerns are important. We at Prairie Bleeding and Clotting are very comfortable taking care of these issues.

Anemia and Red Cell Disorders

Red Cells

Many people are told that they are anemic. This is especially of concern in women of child-bearing age because of possible heavy menstrual bleeding. We will make sure to evaluate any possible anemia and its possible causes.

White Blood Cell Disorders

White Cells

White blood cells in the blood are an especially tricky concern. The white cells may be too high or too low. Alternatively, the white cells may be not working as they are supposed to work. We are comfortable with all of these issues.

Clotting Disorders

Blood Clot

It is unfortunately common for someone to suddenly find that they have a “Charley Horse” in their leg only to discover that it is actually a blood clot in their leg. We study the why? how? and what do we do about it now? of all blood clots.

Our team is our great strength

Patients often tell us that “we wear our hearts on our sleeve” because of our compassion and caring – but we would not have it any other way!

Pharmaceutical Service


Medical Counseling


Dedicated Administrative Team


Social Services

Compassionate Providers

Compassion for our patients is our guiding principle. We feel that we are their lifeline to a better quality of life and longevity with their illness. When we say “we are here for you,” that is more than a slogan. It is a heartfelt commitment to the care and well being of our patients.

Quality Care Close to Home

Many times, patients with bleeding disorders have to travel large distances in order to access quality care. With our Prairie Bleeding and Clotting Center HTC, we bring that care to them. We travel to clinics in many locations throughout the state of Illinois.